Saturday, July 21, 2018

U.K. Border Force HMC Seeker recalls at Valletta Port

The United Kingdom's Border Force Seeker-class cutter HMC Seeker sailed into Valletta Port (the Grand Harbour) this afternoon on a courtesy visit.  The British cutter is presently berthing alongside at MMH-1, and she's expected to sail from Valletta Port in the coming days.  (21-Jul-2018)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

U.K. Border Force HMC Protector recalls at Valletta Port

The United Kingdom's Border Force cutter HMC Protector sailed into Valletta Port (the Grand Harbour) this afternoon on a courtesy visit.  This is her sixth visit in Valletta Port this year.  The British cutter is presently berthing alongside at MMH-1, and she's expected to sail from Valletta Port in the coming weeks.  (19-Jul-2018)

First Malta-registered A380 unveiled in Safi

The first Malta-registered Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world, has been unveiled before its start of operations.  The aircraft has been in Malta since the start of the month receiving a new livery painted by Aviation Cosmetics at the Safi Aviation Park, where it was formally revealed today by Hi Fly, the Malta-registered wet lease airline operating it.

The A380 has a wingspan of 80m and a maximum take-off weight of close to 570 tonnes, as well as carrying as much as 270 tonnes - the weight of a smaller airliner - in fuel.  The Hi Fly model is certified to carry more than 850 passengers, but will be operating worldwide with a more spaced-out 471 seats spread over economy, business and 12 first class 'suites'.

Hi Fly vice-president C. Mirpuri said the acquisition made the carrier just the fourth European airline to operate the model, as well as one of 14 globally and the first leasing airline.  "The performance of the A380 goes in line with Hi Fly's environmental commitments," Mr Mirpuri said.  "By producing only about 75g of CO2 per passenger kilometre, the A380 minimizes greenhouse gas emissions being capable of carrying more people with less impact on the environment."

The aircraft's new livery reflects this environmental commitment with an ocean theme referencing the company’s "Save the Coral Reefs" campaign, which motto is emblazoned on the tail. (Source:, 18-Jul-2018)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Air Malta improves placing among world’s top 100 airlines

The National airline Air Malta has moved up nine placings in the list of the world's top 100 airlines, as per the classification of Skytrax World Airline Awards.  The airline has moved up to 84th placing, from 93rd placing last year.  

Number one post is occupied by Singapore Airlines, which had been placed second last year, a placing now occupied by Qatar Airways, who had been in top position last year.  These honours are the Oscars of the aviation industry.  

The honour for top airline in the European region went to Lufthansa, which still retained seventh place as last year in the overall classification.  (Source:, 17-Jul-2018)

Air Malta registers passenger increase during May and June

Air Malta registered an double-digit increase in passengers carried in May (38%) and June 2018 (42%) when compared to the same months last year.  This means that in total during May and June Air Malta carried 386,504 passengers. 

An airline statement said the national airline contributed 50% of the growth registered by Malta International Airport movements during May and June where 89,918 out of a total of 178,976 additional passengers came through Air Malta.

"Our growth strategy enabled us to tap into 21 new markets and increase traffic on our network. The absolute majority of our new routes are performing well," Air Malta CCO P. Sies said, adding that he is confident that such growth can make the airline profitable again.

Similarly, the airline's Chairman, Dr C. Mangion, said that the double digit growth has been positively received by tourism stakeholders who now consider Air Malta to be a growing airline. "These results give us confidence that we are on the right track," he said.  (Source:, 17-Jul-2018)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Algerian Navy El-Mellah calls at Valletta Port

Algerian Navy sail training ship El-Mellah (938) has sailed in Valletta Port on a courtesy visit.  She is a three-mast sailing ship with a steel hull 110m long and 14.5m wide.  The highest mast reaches the height of 54m.  

El-Mellah was built by Polish Remontowa Shipbuilding SY in Gdansk, in a project coordinated by CENZIN for the Algerian Navy.  She was commissioned in service on 21-Oct-2017.  

El-Mellah serves the Algerian Navy as training ship for cadets of the Naval College in Tamenfoust and also for representation purposes.

The Algerian sailing ship is presently berthing alongside at Pinto-5 wharf, and she's expected to sail from Valletta Port on Thursday, July 19th.  (16-Jul-2018)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rep. of Korea Navy ROKS Munmu the Great calls at Valletta Port

Republic of Korea Navy ROKS Munmu the Great (976) has sailed into Valletta Port (the Grand Harbour) this morning on a courtesy visit.  She has a Westland Lynx Mk.99 helicopter on board, serial 90-0702.

ROKS Munmu the Great is a Chunmugong Yi Sun-sin-class destroyer. She was commissioned in service on 30-Sep-2004.

The South Korean destroyer is presently berthing alongside at Pinto-3, and she's expected to sail from Valletta Port on Tuesday, July 17th. (14-Jul-2018)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Air Malta to add two new aircraft to its fleet in summer 2019 and potentially expand routes to Africa

Air Malta will be adding two more new aircraft to their fleet by the summer of 2019, Air Malta chairman Dr C. Mangion said on Tuesday.  These additions are part of Air Malta's long term strategy and will offer new opportunities to its clients, Mangion said.  The new aircraft will both be, like the most recent addition to Air Malta’s fleet, Airbus A320neo models coming straight out of the factory.  

The arrival of these aircraft raises the number of aircraft in Air Malta's fleet to 12 and signifies further addition to the history of Air Malta's fleet, with the national airline having flown Airbus type aircraft since a fleet revamp at the beginning of the 21st century.

Dr Mangion also said that in the long term, Air Malta was evaluating setting up external bases in other Mediterranean islands, as this was an empty niche which they could focus on.  Dr Mangion also spoke about the potential expansion of Air Malta's services in North Africa, with flights to Tunis and Casablanca already in existence, and to other parts of the African continent as well.

Air Malta hope that the arrival of the two aircraft will allow for more destinations and flights to be added to the airline's repertoire. (Source:, 12-Jul-2018)