Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ryanair's winter services from and to Malta IAP

During a press conference, L. Ferendez, marketing manager for Malta, said that during the coming winter season, Ryanair will reduce Madrid-Malta route from three flights per week to two and suspend services to Valencia, Girona and Seville. The Girona and Seville routes were also suspended last winter.

There will be just one flight a week to Stockholm and Edinburgh; two per week to Eindhoven, Madrid, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Stansted, Dublin, Marseille, Bari, Pisa and Turin. There will be three flights a week to Luton, Treviso, Trapani and Bologna.

A number of other routes from Malta have been suspended for the winter. These are Billund, Kaunus, Olso, Krakow, Wroclaw, Bournemouth and Glasgow. They are almost certain to be reinstated in the summer Mr Fernandez said.

He said that the airline is this winter is operating 36 weekly flights, down from 75 in August and one less than last winter. One aircraft will continue to be based in Malta. He said the cutbacks were dictated by low demand during the winter, as well as fuel prices.

(Source: timesofmalta.com)