Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Air Malta near miss in Swiss airspace

An Air Malta plane flying to Malta from Brussels was involved in a near-miss incident over Swiss airspace last Thursday, Times of Malta has learnt. The aircraft’s captain was forced to take evasive action after the Airbus’s Traffic Collision Avoidance System was triggered. Sources said the Air Malta aircraft and an unidentified aircraft were within roughly 500 feet of each other. KM421 had 157 passengers on board.

The Air Malta plane descended to avoid incident after the alarm was triggered off and Swiss air traffic control also alerted the captain about the potential danger. Sources said it was not yet known whether the case was triggered by a mistake by the other captain or whether an instruction by the Geneva ATC was misunderstood. Investigations were ongoing.

Air Malta confirmed the incident and said a report would be sent to the Geneva authorities. "The captain spoke to the passengers, explained what had happened and the flight continued to Malta without further incident," an airline spokesman said. (Source:, 3-Jul-2013)