Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Air Malta cancels three flights as pilots report sick, other flights delayed

Air Malta cancelled flights to Benghazi, Milan and Newcastle today because a large number of pilots reported sick, a spokesman for Air Malta confirmed.

Flights to Tel Aviv, Paris Orly, Cardiff, Budapest, Frankfurt and Vienna were delayed. The delays ranged from just over five hours in the case of the Tel Aviv flight, to two-and-a-half hours for the Cardiff flight.

The spokesman said 18 pilots had reported sick, nine times the norm and 40 per cent of the available pilot complement. The pilots called sick during the night. He said their condition is being investigated.

In a statement the airline regretted the disruption and said it will do its utmost to minimise inconvenience.

So far over 1773 passengers have been impacted and the airline warned that it was likely that more flights would be delayed and some may be cancelled.

The airline said it would do its utmost to provide alternative flights.

(Source: timesofmalta.com, 17-Sep-2013)