Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Air Malta secures its European AOC

Air Malta has announced it has secured its European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)-sanctioned Air Operators Certificate (AOC) from the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate of Transport. All European-based carriers are expected to have secured their respective EASA AOCs by Oct. 28th of this year.

"The extensive process for applying and obtaining regulatory approval involved a gap analysis between the current and new legislation. In order to comply with the new Regulations and transition to an EASA AOC, Air Malta was required to perform a thorough review of all policies and procedures," Air Malta said.

Among the certification's new measures is the introduction of a Safety Management System (SMS), which replaces the current Accident Prevention and Flight Safety Programme. The airline says it introduced SMS earlier this year in winter and in the process changed its safety processes and held appropriate SMS training for its entire workforce. (Source: ch-aviation.com, 12-Aug-2014)