Friday, December 19, 2014

Air Malta to charge economy passengers for hot snacks, beverages as from Jan. 1st

Hot snacks and beverages for Air Malta’s economy passengers will be against payment as from Jan. 1st, the airline said. In a statement this morning, Air Malta said that following an agreement with its catering supplier SkyGourmet, club class passengers will benefit from an upgraded in-flight menu while economy passengers will be offered a baguette and half a litre of water on all routes.

While the baguette and water will be free of charge, "a wide selection of good quality food items, including hot, will be available for purchase from cabin staff at a nominal fee in the near future". Chairwoman M. Micallef said the agreement will save the airline some €4 million each year. Air Malta said it was also reviewing other contracts in the various areas of its operation to achieve further cost savings whilst ensuring a better customer experience. (Source:, 19-Dec-2014)