Thursday, May 28, 2015

Air Malta plans to increase flights this winter

Contrary to the impression that is being given, Air Malta is not decreasing any flights but will be actually increasing operations on its Malta-based routes this winter. In effect the airline is planning to carry more tourists to the Maltese islands whilst utilising fewer aircraft.

Air Malta absolutely agrees that aircraft are there to fly and seeing opportunities in this area, the management has drafted plans to increase aircraft utilisation hours this winter and operate the same amount of 4,452 flight sectors with seven instead of eight aircraft.

Air Malta’s ultimate aim is to do more with less and increase productivity of its assets. Various initiatives are being taken such as operating more night flights, carrying more maintenance during the night, improve aircraft turnaround times and modifying flight departure times. Air Malta reviews the profitability of all flight routes and optimises its capacity accordingly.

Aircraft are fundamental but a costly resource to any airline. All 12 Air Malta aircraft are leased in, with each lease costing millions of Euros each year. In the last few years Air Malta leased out two aircraft to foreign operators in order to recover part of its leasing costs. (Source: Air Malta, 27-May-2015)