Friday, July 10, 2015

VVB Aviation set to secure Maltese AOC

VVB Aviation is set to secure a Maltese Air Operators Certificate (AOC) as part of plans to enter the European ACMI/charter market. Earlier this week, Bruce Dickinson, the CEO of Cardiff Aviation which owns a 50% stake in VVB, met with Transport Malta officials to confirm final certification details for the airline.

“Transport Malta has played a crucial role in enabling VVB to take off in fixed-wing operations," he said. "With AOC details now confirmed and our first aircraft about to be deployed, Cardiff Aviation is now moving from maintenance and training to full aviation operations.”

VVB has already sourced a B737-400 which will commence ACMI operations upon receipt of its AOC. At least two more aircraft will be added before the end of the current quarter. (Source:, 10-Jul-2015)