Tuesday, October 20, 2015

M.C.M. Group opens second hangar at Malta IAP

On Oct. 15th M.C.M.'s new hangar in Malta opened its doors for the first aircraft, scheduled for maintenance works. In the light of increased aviation traffic and demand for hangar space and aircraft maintenance services M.C.M. Group invested in an additional 2,400 square meter hangar, adjusted to its existing Maintenance facility at Malta IAP, allowing work to be completed simultaneously on three of the Bombardier Global Series and the New Bombardier C-Series . 

The opening of the new hangar marks the end of the first phase of the expansion project that the M.C.M. initiated in 2014. In the coming months the Group is looking forward to the finishing works of the 630 square meters customer service centre, 2280 square meters, workshops, offices and the state of the art training facility adjusted to the hangar. With the completion of this project M.C.M. Group will offer a truly one-stop shop for all your aviation needs from its Maintenance facility at Malta IAP. (Source: M.C.M. Group, 19-Oct-2015)