Thursday, November 5, 2015

Air Malta plane makes precautionary landing after bird strike

An Air Malta aircraft made a precautionary landing after a bird strike as it took-off for Duesseldorf (KM-352) yesterday. 

A passenger who was on board the plane said the plane levelled out soon after take-off and the pilot informed those on board that it had been decided to return to Malta as a precautionary measure because of a bird strike. The plane circled the island and then landed safely. 

"The crew on board was working perfectly and professionally," the passenger said. He described the landing as 'perfect' and said the plane immediately headed to the maintenance area where it was examined by engineers. 

They found evidence of a bird strike and remains of the bird were also found on the runway. The plane itself was ready for flight after about an hour. One passenger refused to fly again and was taken to the terminal building. (Source:, 5-Nov-2015)