Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SR Technics, easyJet sign contract to extend agreement for five years

A contract has been signed between SR Technics and easyJet airline to extend a maintenance agreement for another five years, creating 35 new jobs in the process. 

The two entities originally entered into an agreement in 2010, where SR Technics was tasked with carrying out maintenance works on easyJet’s aircraft fleet. Currently, SR Technics employs roughly 180 people. Head of Engineering and Maintenance for easyJet I. Davis said that there would be four aircraft in Malta undergoing maintenance work at any given time.

Currently, easyJet’s fleet consists of 253 aircraft, has 23 different bases and carries some 70 million passengers each year. The representative said that with growth comes the need for increased maintenance requirements, and that one maintenance entity was not enough to carry out all the required works. It was therefore announced that another contract will be signed between easyJet and Lufthansa Technics, based in Malta. (Source:, 22-Jun-2016)