Saturday, February 11, 2017

Air X Charter wins U.S. foreign air carrier rights

Malta's Air X Charter has been successful in attaining a Foreign Air Carrier Permit (FACP) by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as an exemption authority. 

The Maltese carrier has been approved to conduct charter flights ferrying persons, property and mail from any point or points behind any member state of the European Union, via any point or points in any member state and via intermediate points to any point or points in the United States and beyond.

As previously reported, the luxury charter carrier recently acquired stakes in ViaAir and Elite Business Aircraft, with the latter being rebranded as AirX America. The new entity will use Elite's Part 135 certificate to operate Bombardier Challenger 850s, Cessna Citation 750 Xs and Gulfstream IVSPs. (Source:, 10-Feb-2017)