Saturday, March 18, 2017

Regional Express SF34 propeller shears off in mid-flight

A Regional Express Saab 340 (VH-NRX), operating flight ZL-768 from Albury to Sydney (Australia) and carrrying 16 passengers and three crew, was about 10-nm from Sydney airport when its right-hand propeller flew off, leading the two pilots to declare a PAN, which is one step down from a full-scale Mayday.

The pilots are understood to have felt a vibration and were about to shut down the right-hand engine when they looked out the cockpit window to see the propeller – rotating at thousands of revolutions per minute – disappear over the plane' s wing.

Following the PAN call to air-traffic control, emergency services readied for the planes arrival at the airport, but it landed safely shortly after midday on Friday. The plane was towed to Regional Express' hangar near the domestic terminal at Sydney airport. (Source:, 17-Mar-2017)