Monday, May 29, 2017

Irkut's MC-21-300 completes its first flight

Irkut Corporation's first MC-21-300 commercial aircraft has completed its maiden flight today. The duration of the flight was 30-mins at the altitude of 1000m, at the speed of 300-km/h.

The flight plan included checking of in-flight stability and controllability, and also the controllability of the power plant. According to the program, during the flight a simulated landing approach was performed, followed by a flight over the runway, climbing and turning. This technique is typical for the maiden flight of new types of aircraft.

The aircraft was piloted by the crew commander O. Kononenko, test pilot, and the co-pilot R Taskayev, test-pilot. Kononenko reported, "flight mission is accomplished. The flight went in the normal mode. There are no obstacles revealed preventing the tests continuation". Taskayev noted, that ''characteristics and operational modes of the power plant are confirmed, all aircraft systems operated without glitches.'' (Source: Irkut Corporation, 28-May-2017)