Friday, July 21, 2017

Swiss AF's PC-7 Team for 2017 Malta Int'l Airshow

Our friends, the Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team will be in Malta once again to give us there great displays. Switzerland will be the fifth country participating in this year's Malta International Airshow, also bringing the number of display teams to two after Turkish AF's Turkish Stars where confirmed some weeks ago.

The PC-7 is a two-seater turboprop trainer aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. in Stans, Switzerland. The Swiss AF procured their PC-7s in 1983. After 25 years in operation, the aircraft were completely modernised in 2008. A state-of-the-art glass cockpit, GPS and autopilot were fitted, developing the PC-7 into a modern training platform for the future pilots of the Swiss AF.

The organising team of the Malta International Airshow from the Malta Aviation Society would publicly like to thank the Swiss Air Force and PC-7 Team for accepting our invitation.
 (Source:, 21-Jul-2017)