Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Air Malta carriers record 12,000 passengers in two days

Over 12,000 passengers traveled on Air Malta aircraft last weekend in what the airline described as a record 48 hours performance for recent years. On Saturday and Sunday the airline operated over 80 flights achieving an average seat load factor of 93%.

P. Sies, Chief Commercial Officer at Air Malta commented; "This was a great achievement by all our staff and especially those in commercial and operations. It was our best weekend over the last two years surpassing even mid-August figures which are usually the airline’s best performing period. 

"This performance was even more significant particularly when we note that it surpassed our performance two years ago when we operated with two more aircraft and there is more competition from other airlines on our more popular routes.

"Last weekend some of our flights including those to/from Switzerland and Russia ran with over 95% load factors. This is good news for the airline and we believe we can surpass this figure in the coming weekends." (Source:, 2-Aug-2017)