Wednesday, October 4, 2017

TM/DCA: Malta Aircraft Registry update

Transport Malta/Directorate of Civil Aviation published today the latest update of the Maltese Aircraft Register.

New addition/s: 

  • 9H-DFS - Dassault Falcon 50 (c/n. 185), registered to AS AILES Ltd. dba Harmony Jets (ex T7-DFX)
  • 9H-IAN - Tecnam P2002-JF (c/n. 082), registered to 'Private' (ex HB-KPE)
  • 9H-JSY - Bombardier Global Express XRS (c/n. 9423), registered to Elit'Avia Malta Ltd. (ex G-RAAA)
  • 9H-VTD - Bombardier Global 6000 (c/n. 9763), registered to VistaJet Ltd. (ex C-FNLH)
  • 9H-GVA - Bombardier Global 5000 (c/n. 9548), registered to Elit'Avia Malta Ltd. (rrg N499WR)
  • 9H-VTC - Bombardier Global 5000 (c/n. 9571), registered to VistaJet Ltd. (rrg N505VJ)
(Source: Transport Malta, 3-Oct-2017)