Monday, November 20, 2017

Air Malta Frankfurt flight delayed overnight due to technical trouble

An Air Malta flight from Frankfurt scheduled for yesterday evening never took off after the aircraft was grounded due to technical problems.  KM-329 was due to leave Frankfurt airport at 2010lt, but ran into technical trouble and required repairs.  Engineers were unable to fix the problem by the time the airport closed at 2300lt, forcing passengers to spend an extra night in Germany. 

Passengers and cabin crew spent the night in nearby hotels courtesy of the airline and were offered dinner, an Air Malta spokesman said.  Repair work resumed early this morning and the flight is expected to leave after the aircraft successfully completes a series of engine runs. 

Air Malta apologised for the inconvenience due to circumstances beyond its control, saying that it gave the utmost importance to the safety of its passengers and staff. (Source:, 20-Nov-2017)