Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Air Malta with new route between Catania and Vienna

As part of the government strategy for Air Malta to become the airline of the Mediterranean, from next week the national airline will start flying twice a week between Catania and Vienna.  In this way it will be filling a void left by the Austrian airline Fly Niki which was operating the route up until mid-December.

Air Malta considers the route between Catania and Vienna as a profitable one which can help it to expand and grow.  Presented by the opportunity to operate a direct flight between the two cities, after the low-cost airline Fly Niki declared bankruptcy, Air Malta took the opportunity to step in, with the first flight scheduled for Friday Jan. 19th.  

Tourism Minister K. Mizzi explained that both the crew, as well as the plane operating this route, will still be based in Malta.  Minister Mizzi said that "a strong demand exists between Sicily and Vienna which at the moment is not being serviced as it should so we therefore decided to start operating the Catania-Vienna flight twice a week." (Source: tvm.com.mt, 9-Jan-2018)