Saturday, January 13, 2018

No Malta International Airshow this year

The Malta Aviation Society (MAS) will not be organising the Malta International Airshow this year.  The Society has written to the Minister of Tourism a few hours after the end of last year’s airshow asking for guidance and commitment to future editions of this successful international event. 

Notwithstanding a clear explanation of why such guidance and commitment was required urgently, coupled with another email sent to the same Minister a few days ago, there has been absolutely no reply from the Ministry.  This leaves MAS with no option but to abandon any preparations for the event to take place this year. 

MAS hopes there will be future editions of the Malta International Airshow and is always prepared to offer its totally-voluntary work towards this event subject to a commitment by the Government to financially sustain the airshow after the agreed move to a seaside show. 

The move was triggered by the authorities to which the Society agreed, subject to financial compensation due to loss of income from gate money that the airshow used to generate when it was held at the airport.  (Source:, 13-Jan-2018)