Monday, March 19, 2018

Air Malta's flight from Paris-Orly severely delayed after the closure of the airport

Air Malta has said that the departure time of its scheduled flight from Paris-Orly to Malta had been pushed from 6:15pm on Sunday to noon on Monday because of the closure of the airport due to night flying restrictions.

"The aircraft was scheduled to depart at 6:10pm but was delayed as a consequence of earlier delays and unfortunately could not take-off because the closure of the Paris-Orly airport," read a statement from the airline.  Air Malta said guests and crew were accommodated in nearby hotels and "taken care of".

Moreover it said that as a consequence of the delay a further three flights were delayed on Monday including KM-100 to London-Heathrow, KM-612 to Rome-Fiumicino and KM-306 to Munich (two hours).

Air Malta apologized for any inconvenience caused, adding that it had spared "no effort to minimize the inconvenience to passengers due to circumstances beyond its control". (Source:, 19-Mar-2018)