Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Air Malta registers passenger increase during May and June

Air Malta registered an double-digit increase in passengers carried in May (38%) and June 2018 (42%) when compared to the same months last year.  This means that in total during May and June Air Malta carried 386,504 passengers. 

An airline statement said the national airline contributed 50% of the growth registered by Malta International Airport movements during May and June where 89,918 out of a total of 178,976 additional passengers came through Air Malta.

"Our growth strategy enabled us to tap into 21 new markets and increase traffic on our network. The absolute majority of our new routes are performing well," Air Malta CCO P. Sies said, adding that he is confident that such growth can make the airline profitable again.

Similarly, the airline's Chairman, Dr C. Mangion, said that the double digit growth has been positively received by tourism stakeholders who now consider Air Malta to be a growing airline. "These results give us confidence that we are on the right track," he said.  (Source:, 17-Jul-2018)