Friday, July 27, 2018

M.I.A. registers 16.8% traffic increase; expects 6.77 million pax by end 2018

The Malta Int’l Airport estimates that 6.77 million passengers will pass through the airport in 2018, a growth of 13% over the figures of the previous years.

Speaking in a press conference, CEO A. Borg said that traffic into the airport had grown by 16.8%, a growth which had prompted M.I.A. to revise its initial forecast.  The growth is the highest when compared to the airport’s similar competitors, with only Greece registering a 13.9% increase in traffic coming relatively close. 

Malta also headed Greece in terms of increase of connectivity – with Malta registering a 219% increase over the past decade and Greece being the next highest with 173%.  M.I.A. ranked fourth in fact behind Sochi, Seville and Larnaca airports respectively in connectivity increases between this year and last year.

With the increase in traffic comes an increase in passengers, and there were just under 430,000 more passengers in the first half of this year than there were in the same period of last year.  The increase was split fairly equally over each months, with all of them registering double-figure percentage increases.

The top markets for passengers from the U.K., who make up 25% of all passengers, Italy 21%, Germany 13%, followed by passengers from France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands and Switzerland.  The highest percentage increase of passengers was found in Spain (27%) and Poland (23%) whilst Belgium registered a 5% decrease in passengers.

London-Gatwick remained the most popular destination from Malta IAP, followed by Rome and Frankfurt.   Low cost airline Ryanair topped the airline charts, carrying 1.1 million passengers to Malta from its various destinations, whilst Air Malta followed with 894,000 passengers.   Low cost airlines Jet2 and Wizz Air registered the biggest increases in passengers coming to Malta, doubling their tally for the same period in the previous year.

M.I.A. is also hopeful of continuing this growth into the upcoming winter with a number of airlines either extending the new routes they have introduced for the current summer, and other airlines increasing the frequency of some of their more popular routes.

The airport shall also be making some new investments, with a new apron being one of them.  This multi-million euro project will kick off immediately and once completed will provide space to accommodate either seven Code C aircraft – the type used by major airlines such a Ryanair and Air Malta and which makes up 98% of the traffic Malta receives – or four Code E aircraft – such as the Boeing 777 which is utilised by Emirates.  (Source:, 26-Jul-2018)