Friday, May 29, 2015

Polish AF confirms participation at 2015 Malta International Airshow

We have been informed that the Polish Air Force has confirmed its participation in this years Malta Int’l Airshow. The Polish AF will be participating for the first time in Malta in the flying display programme with the Orlik Aerobatic Team, an M-28TD in static display and a transport aircraft supporting the team that shall also be part of the static display during the public hours.

The Orlik Aerobatic Team was formed in 1998 and the name Orlik is derived from the name of the aircraft PZL-130 Orlik used by the team. The Orlik Team flies a formation of seven turboprop aircraft and is world known for its elegant and precise flying. Further to the flying display of the Orlik Aerobatic Team the Polish Armed Forces are further supporting our event with two transport aircraft for static display

This news is the culmination of efforts over the last few years to have a strong Polish Armed Forces presence in Malta during the airshow.
 (Source:, 29-May-2015)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Air Malta plans to increase flights this winter

Contrary to the impression that is being given, Air Malta is not decreasing any flights but will be actually increasing operations on its Malta-based routes this winter. In effect the airline is planning to carry more tourists to the Maltese islands whilst utilising fewer aircraft.

Air Malta absolutely agrees that aircraft are there to fly and seeing opportunities in this area, the management has drafted plans to increase aircraft utilisation hours this winter and operate the same amount of 4,452 flight sectors with seven instead of eight aircraft.

Air Malta’s ultimate aim is to do more with less and increase productivity of its assets. Various initiatives are being taken such as operating more night flights, carrying more maintenance during the night, improve aircraft turnaround times and modifying flight departure times. Air Malta reviews the profitability of all flight routes and optimises its capacity accordingly.

Aircraft are fundamental but a costly resource to any airline. All 12 Air Malta aircraft are leased in, with each lease costing millions of Euros each year. In the last few years Air Malta leased out two aircraft to foreign operators in order to recover part of its leasing costs. (Source: Air Malta, 27-May-2015)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Romanian AF and Italian AF confirm their participation at the 2015 Malta International Airshow

We are delighted to announce that for the first time ever the Romanian Air Force has accepted our invitation to participate in the Malta Internationa Airshow. A Romanian AF C-27J Spartan will be on static display at Malta IAP. This will be the very first time that a C-27J Spartan will participate.

The Italian Air Force 'Reparto Sperimentale Volo' will be back at the Malta International Airshow with a flying display from an Agusta Westland AW-149 helicopter. This will be the first time ever an AW-149 will visit our island.

The Malta based, Italian Military Mission in Malta AB-212 will also be participating at the Malta International Airshow in a flying display on the daily tasks the Mission is tasked in our islands.

The Malta Aviation Society organisers of the Malta International Airshow are looking forward to host the Romanian and Italian crews and we are also very thankful for both Romanian and Italian Air Force for accepting our invitation. (Source: maltairshow, 26-May-2015)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Jet2 lands in Malta

British leisure operator and Jet2holidays landed in Malta International Airport for the first time yesterday evening., whose first aircraft arrived from Newcastle, will be operating low fare flights and package holidays from East Midlands, Manchester, Leeds Bradford and Glasgow airports.

The first flight from Newcastle yesterday was welcomed by Malta Tourism Authority chairman G. Gulia and Malta International Airport CEO A. Borg. British holidaymakers on board were welcomed with flowers before being invited to a cake-cutting ceremony. and Jet2holidays flights and package holidays will operate weekly from Newcastle (Thursdays), East Midlands (Fridays), Leeds Bradford (Saturdays) and Glasgow (Tuesdays) and bi-weekly on Mondays and Fridays from Manchester. (Source:, 22-May-2015)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Air Malta's flight from Heathrow 'stuck' in Catania for ten-hours because of fog, crew change

An Air Malta flight from London-Heathrow (KM-103), due to have arrived in Malta shortly after midnight, was diverted to Catania and stuck there for almost ten-hours. The flight was one of two diverted because of fog over Malta. 

An Air Malta spokesman said the delay on the London flight was made worse because a crew change was required since the first crew was 'out of hours'. The flight arrived in Malta at 10am. 

The other diverted flight, from Birmingham (KM-4237), arrived in Malta early this morning. (Source:, 20-May-2015)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ryanair to operate Malta-Rome route in winter

Ryanair has added a Malta-Rome service as part of its expanded winter 2015 schedule. Ryanair will operate 22 routes from Malta in winter 2015. The service to Rome (Ciampino Airport) starts on October 25. There will be five weekly flights. (Source:, 7-May-2015)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

M.I.A. plc releases traffic results for April 2015

Malta IAP hosted 392,676 passengers in April, registering an increase of 4.2% over the same month in 2014. April’s passenger growth is in line with the increase in aircraft movements of 4.1% which translated to a seat capacity increase over last year. 

April also saw growth in the seat load factor, which measures the percentage of filled seats on each flight, to 77.8%, compared to 76.7% during the same period in 2014.

Most of last month’s growth came from traffic to and from Italy and Germany. The German market increased by 11.8%. This tallied to 5,836 more passengers than in 2014, largely due to the fact that the Cruise and Fly operation was launched earlier this year. The airport also registered an increase in traffic to and from Milan, Rome and Catania which contributed to 13.9% more passengers in the Italy market when compared to last year. Spain also re-entered the airport’s top market list with a 15% increase in traffic over 2014.
Notably, traffic from Poland doubled in April, putting it in 6th place on the airport’s top destinations list. The British market shrank by 3.1% with slight drops registered on Manchester and London-Gatwick flights and reduced operations on regional routes. Traffic from France was also reduced by 2.7%.

Meanwhile, the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) increased by 2.7% and cargo and mail decreased by 2%. (Source:, 5-May-2015)