Friday, May 6, 2016

Easyjet A320 flight Malta IAP to Manchester diverts to Milan-Malpensa

An Easyjet Airbus A320-200 (G-EZUG), performing flight U2-1998 (on May 5th) from Malta IAP (Malta) to Manchester (U.K.), was enroute at FL320 about 120-nm south of Milan (Italy) when the captain decided to divert the aircraft to Milan-Malpensa Airport after the first officer had become ill and was unable to continue duties. The aircraft landed safely on Malpensa's RWY 35L about 20-mins later. 

The first officer and a passenger, who had fallen ill earlier, were taken to a hospital. The airline reported the illnesses of the passenger and first officer appear to be unrelated. A replacement crew continued the flight. The aircraft departed Milan after about 2.5 hours on the ground and reached Manchester with a delay of 2.5 hours. (Source:, 5-May-2016)