Sunday, July 1, 2018

Microlight 9H-UMP makes a precautionary landing in a field after an engine problem

A microlight plane has crash landed in a field at Luqa. There were two persons on board the small plane.  The crash occurred at around 9.15 this morning.

TVM spoke with the persons on board the micro light, R. Bezzina and D. Gauci from the Island Microlight Club, who said that unfortunately the small aircraft developed a fault in the engine a few metres away from the runway.

R. Bezzina said that they had to make an emergency landing in a field as a safety precaution.  It was their first flight of the day when they started the flight at around 8.00 this morning.

D. Gauci said that they are trained for any eventually in this sport and decided to land in the field to avoid injuring people.  (Source:, 1-Jul-2018)