Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Elit'Avia Malta adds GLF4 to its Maltese AOC

ICAO Mode-S:4D22A1
Construction No.:4018
Aircraft Type:Gulstream G450
Operator:Elit'Avia Malta
Notes:ex B-KHK

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Malta International Airshow 2020 confirmed for 26 & 27 September

While still early to predict any participants, the Malta Aviation Society (MAS) is actively working towards resurrecting past contacts and making it known to potential participants that Malta is on with its airshow this September. 

The venue for the flying display will be in the northern part of the Island while it is yet unknown if there will be a static display open to the public. MAS will publish further updates as they unfold in the coming weeks. 

At present, the MAS is setting up deferred meetings with major stakeholders in Malta connected to the airshow to form the basis for the event that laid dormant for the past three months. 

MAS would like to thank all involved in making preparations for this year's airshow possible again and MAS will endeavor to provide the public with a safe and enjoyable event, subject to the Covid-19 situation continuing to improve in Malta and abroad.

(Source: maltairshow.com, 27-Jun-2020)

Friday, June 19, 2020

Wizz Air to launch flights between St.Peterburg and Malta

With effect from 19-Sep-20, low-cost carrier Wizz Air will be operating three weekly flights between St. Petersburg-Pulkovo (Russia) and Malta IAP.  Flight will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and will be operated with St.Petersburg-based Airbus A320.  

(Source: aviation24.be, 18-Jun-2020)

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Air Malta adds another 12 destinations to its 2020 summer schedule

Air Malta will commence its summer schedule on July 1st, connecting Malta to 22 destinations within Europe, the airline said. 

Air Malta flights to Rome-Fiumicino (Italy), Lyon and Marseille (both France) will now join the previously announced flights to Catania (Sicily/Italy); Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Duesseldorf (Germany); Geneva and Zurich (Switzerland); Prague (Czechia); and Vienna (Austria) commencing from July 1st.

As from July 15th, Air Malta will also start operations to Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Milan (Italy), London-Heathrow (U.K.), Lisbon (Portugal), Madrid (Spain), Palermo (Sicily/Italy), Paris-Charles De Gaulle and Paris-Orly (both in France).  August will see Air Malta restarting flights to Manchester (U.K.).

A 'new' city destination on the list is Madrid.  After a break of over ten years of not operating to the Spanish capital, Air Malta will restart scheduled services to the city on July 18th.

The announced operations to Luxembourg will now be transferred to Brussels except for the planned flights to Luxembourg on July 4th and 11th, which will be operated as scheduled.

(Source: timesofmalta.com, 17-Jun-2020)

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Malta IAP ramps up safety and security measures

As Malta Int'l Airport's re-opening date draws closer, works continue apace on preparing the terminal for the first guests travelling on board commercial flights.

Malta IAP is putting in place a comprehensive set of measures, which are geared at safeguarding the wellbeing of both travellers and airport employees ahead of the partial lifting of the current travel ban with effect from 1-Jul-20.  The measures include initiatives aimed at promoting social distancing and contactless processes, robust hygiene practices, and the setting up of a dedicated Airport Care Team.

The airport has also restructured passenger journeys for both incoming and outgoing travellers in order to limit the unnecessary crossing of paths of travelling and non-travelling guests.
"It is our responsibility to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to protect guests and airport employees.  However, I would also like to appeal to prospective passengers to travel responsibly by following health and safety recommendations as well as the instructions of front-liners once they are at the airport.

The measures we are announcing today will undoubtedly change the airport experience as we once knew it, but we also hope that they help boost customer confidence and afford some peace of mind to those who choose to take to the skies when we re-open our doors in a couple of weeks' time," said Malta IAP CEO A. Borg, whilst thanking all airport employees and stakeholders for their contribution to the implementation of the company’s health and safety plan.

As part of this plan, the company will also be investing in new technologies to facilitate contactless interactions at the main touch points of the passenger journey such as check-in and the real-time monitoring of queues and agglomerations in order to ensure that safe distances are maintained.

While interaction between passengers and front-line staff is envisaged to be kept to a minimum, a specially trained, roaming Airport Care Team will have the role of assisting and reassuring airport guests whilst ensuring that health and safety guidelines – including social distancing and hygiene monitoring – are being observed.  

For more information on these measures and how you should prepare for an upcoming trip, you may click here.

(Source: maltairport.com, 15-Jun-2020)

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Malta will open its air/sea ports to all destinations on 15 July, more destinations added for 1 July

Prime Minister R. Abela announced that Malta will be opening its airport and the seaports to all nations on 15 July.

On 1 July, the airport is set to re-open up to a number of destinations, dubbed safe corridors. This batch originally included Israel, however Israel has been temporarily removed from the list.

However, the Prime Minister has announced a number of other destinations that will see flights starting to and from Malta on 1 July. These are Italy (except the North), France (except for one region), Spain (except for one region), Poland, Greece and Croatia.

The airport and ports were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however as numbers began decreasing, more and more restrictive measures have been eased.  

(Source: independent.com.mt, 14-Jun-20)

Friday, June 12, 2020

Travel ban on persons to/from Malta extended to 30-Jun

A0548/20 NOTAMR A0446/20

Q) LMMM/QXXXX/IV/NBO/AE/000/999/3551N01429E


B) 20/06/12 08:04z
C) 20/06/30 23:59z

E) The Superintendent of Public Health hereby extends the order of a travel ban on persons to Malta and from Malta to and from all countries due to the Covid-19 up to 30-Jun-20 23:59UTC.  Provided that cargo flights, ferry flights, humanitarian flights, and repatriation flights shall be exempt from this order.

The Superintendent of Public Health May, in her absolute discretion, issue an exemption from the provisions of this order, by notice in the gazette, or by other means, where, in the opinion of the said superintendent of public health, the travel of certain persons or goods is deemed to be essential.  Operators shall obtain prior approval from the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate before any operations.  

(Source: windy.com, 12-Jun-2020)

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Malta IAP's releases its 2020 Summer Schedule

With less than a month to Malta International Airport's resumption of operations on the 1-Jul-20, all hands are on deck getting the terminal ready to welcome the first passengers after a three-month lull in commercial activity.

The Traffic Development team at Malta IAP together with the local tourism authority have been working closely with partner airlines to start restoring the island’s connectivity as travel restrictions are gradually being eased.

Initially, six airlines (Air Malta, Wizz Air, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Luxair and SWISS) will be offering direct connections to 17 airports in nine countries/regions (Austria, Czech Rep., Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sicily/Italy and Switzerland) for the period between July and October.

Malta IAP's summer schedule will be regularly updated to reflect the most recent developments as the travel restriction imposed on other countries/regions due to Covid-19 pandemic are gradually lifted.  Malta IAP's schedule can be accessed here.

Malta IAP recommends that prospective travellers check what health and safety protocols are in place at their preferred destination prior to booking a flight

(Source: maltairport.com, 11-Jun-2020)

Malta IAP releases traffic results for May-20

An unusually quiet May saw Malta International Airport handle just 3,081 passengers as a travel ban remained in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This translates into a decrease of more than 670,000 passenger movements when compared to May 2019.

As air traffic to and from Malta remained at an almost complete standstill for the second full month, aircraft movements throughout May amounted to merely 283 take-offs and landings.

43% of flights for the month of May were humanitarian and repatriation, ferrying passengers to and from more than ten countries.  The rest were cargo flights, which registered an increase of 11% in movements over the same month last year.  

(Source: maltairport.com 11-Jun-2020)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Transport Malta launches Aircraft Leasing Malta

Aircraft leasing has been added to Malta's aviation cluster as the country seeks to explore new economic niches and complete the services it offers in the aviation industry.  Announced on Wednesday at Transport Malta's headquarters, Aircraft Leasing Malta will aim to promote Malta as a jurisdiction for aircraft leasing services, building on an already strong aircraft registration service.

Prime Minister R. Abela said that the initiative is focused on three aims; giving a renewed push to the aviation industry so that it can recover from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic; investing in a high-potential economic niche; and completing Malta's aviation cluster.

Transport Minister I. Borg meanwhile said that work had continued in the midst of the pandemic, and also revealed that a Malta Aviation Round-Table Forum bringing together all stakeholders will be set in the coming weeks to continue to discuss and coordinate matters within the aviation sector, which is now consolidated under one ministry.

Explaining the new push, Civil Aviation Director C. Pace said that Malta was aiming to place itself among the strongest jurisdictions for such leasing services – these being Ireland, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  He said that with a score of 85%, Malta is already classified as a high-power jurisdiction in the Cape Town Index, noting that the country is in the Top 10 in this regard.  He said that such a new market will not take up much space or people, but will have a significant economic impact, which is why it is being seen as a step forward. 

(Source: independent.com.mt, 10-Jun-2020)

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Air Malta launches its new summer schedule based on the safe corridors concept

Air Malta has just launched its new Summer 2020 schedule based on the safe corridor concept and has today opened its reservation systems for sales.

Flights to Catania (Sicily); Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Berlin (Germany); Prague (Czech Rep.); and Luxemburg will start operating as of 1 July, with flights to Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland coming online a week later.

Flights prices start at just Euro 39 one way and are available on-line on Air Malta's website and through all local and foreign travel agents.

After nearly three months of only operating 'lifeline' flights to London (U.K.), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany) and Rome (Italy), Air Malta said it is excited to start welcoming scheduled passengers again and looks forward to flying over 150,000 passengers between our European destinations and Malta in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority, Malta International Airport and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association.

The airline's 'lifeline' schedule will remain in operation.  Air Malta Holidays, the airline's brand of package holidays that includes flights and hotel accommodation, will also have special packages that it will be selling overseas to attract tourism to Malta.  

(Source: independent.com.mt, 6-Jun-2020)

Air Malta makes 69 pilots redundant after talks with union fail

Air Malta is going ahead with the redundancies of 69 pilots after talks with the union failed, the airline said in a statement late on Friday night.  The company said that talks with ALPA, the airline's pilot union, on measures to avoid redundancies in order to safeguard its ongoing sustainability and viability, failed.

"After numerous lengthy meetings, Air Malta and the union did not reach an agreement and consequently the airline was left with no other choice but to proceed with the redundancies of 69 of its pilots," the company said.

The move comes after a protracted standoff between the airline's management and pilots after the latter refused to accept a social wage of €1,200 per month in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

Air Malta said that while the other unions representing the rest of its workforce understood the need to accept changes required to safeguard their livelihood, ALPA resorted to making unreasonable demands at a time when the airline's revenue has been severely compromised.

"Air Malta regrets the stance ALPA has taken to the detriment of its members, which forced the airline to take the undesired action with the resultant consequences to a large segment of its pilot workforce," the company said. 

(Source: maltatoday.com.mt, 5-Jun-2020)

Friday, June 5, 2020

Air Malta receives over 40,000 refund and rebooking requests after COVID-19 flight cancellations

Air Malta received over 40,000 requests for refunds, rebooking and vouchers after cancelled more than 5,000 flights due to the closure of airports around Europe and North Africa due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Air Malta said it is expecting more requests to come through as time passes.

The airline has mobilised a large number of resources to satisfy these requests, while stating it understands the concerns raised by customers with delays in getting replies.

"The closure of most airports, with the consequential sudden stop of most of revenue from ticket sales, was not a scenario the aviation industry in general ever envisaged," it said.  Air Malta has vowed to clear the backlog of requests by the end of October.

"Although it is taking longer than it normally would, the airline remains committed to honour each request," it said.  The airline thanked customers for their patience, while looking forward to a return to traveling.

"[Air Malta] hopes that the new flight schedule commencing on 1 July will offer more people the opportunity to fly," the airline said.  

(Source: maltatoday.com.mt, 4-Jun-2020)

Monday, June 1, 2020

SmartLynx Malta receives FAOC from FAA to conduct operations in U.S. air space

SmartLynx Malta has been granted the Foreign Air Operator Certificate (FAOC) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct passenger and cargo operations to, from, and transiting the United States.  The airline underwent several months-long process of application, followed by inspections and checks to ensure full compliance with U.S. aviation regulatory bodies.

SmartLynx Airlines CEO, Mr. Z. Surintas, comments on the latest accomplishment:  "The received FAA approval is a major milestone in our company's history.  It was a crucial step enabling us to fully follow through the recently signed agreement with GlobalX. 

"The received certificate is a result of our team's effort which, despite the turmoil caused by the ongoing pandemic, stayed on the planned course of effective development strategy. We would also like to express our gratitude to U.S. authorities for making the process go seamlessly.  Approval to operate in the U.S. is increasing our competitiveness and complementing our expansion plans to new markets."  

(Source:  smartlynx.aero, 29-May-2020)