Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Gulf Med to invest in helicopters services

Gulf Med, which was established in Malta five years ago, is a joint venture between a Maltese company which offers medical services including in the evacuation of persons from remote areas such as oil rigs, and a helicopter company based in Qatar.

Emma Finley-Broadbelt, the company chief executive which specializes in helicopter repairs, stated that the company registered success stories during the past two years, including a contract to make repairs on the Cypriot Police helicopter fleet.  Last year, the company was awarded a similar contract by the Croatian government, while it invested in a helicopter which is used to transport patients from the Gozo hospital to Malta.

Ms Finley-Broadbelt added that, despite the pandemic’s challenge on the aviation sector, the company will be taking over the helicopters services from its partner – Gulf Helicopters Company.  This will lead to the operation of flights towards oil rigs in West Africa, among others.

"We will be required to make some significant investments, which will include our aircraft maintenance training organisation, so as we develop we will be able to keep pace with the requirements for personnel by developing local talent," Finley-Broadbelt stated.

The Gulf Med chief executive stated that they will collaborate with the University of Malta and MCAST in order to implement this step.  The company will also invest in infrastructure and new equipment.

(Source: tvm.com.mt, 16-Feb-2021)