Saturday, May 1, 2021

20 airlines to connect Malta with 90 destinations

As Malta prepares to open to tourism in a month’s time, the Malta International Airport is expected to welcome 20 airlines who, between them, will link Malta with 90 destinations during summer.

Interviewed by Television Malta, the company’s chief executive A. Borg said that the good rate of vaccination places Malta in the forefront for a summer tourism period.  The situation is fluid and much different from previous years when the summer schedule was closed between six and four months before.

“Various countries currently have restrictions, that is the numbers should be taken in the context of the information available now.  Without restrictions these things will happen; with restrictions they may change”.

He stated that this is a major factor that determines whether the airline operates or cancels a flight.  Comparing next summer’s schedule with the last good summer for tourism, Mr Borg said: “When comparing the 90 destinations with those of summer 2019, which were 130, I say that the government, MTA and our team did a very good job so that Malta will be on the radar of principle airlines in Europe”.

However, he added that the company is giving the highest priority to provide assurances to workers, other persons working at the airport and passengers about their health and safety.

Referring to the vaccination rollout success in Malta, MIA’s chief executive said that technology is an important tool to facilitate travel and suggested that an app is developed by next month with which passengers traveling to Malta will be able to fill before the requested information and send the form so that he will have a relaxing experience when he arrives in the country.

“Today, when passengers arrive they present the passenger locator form, health declaration card, and evidence they have the negative PCR test, depending on the country, however typically 72 hours before. I think that if a passenger fills at home this information which is verified before he arrives, he will not wait in queues and this makes a great difference.”

(Source:, 1-May-2021)