Aviation in Malta

Malta IAP-bases airlines
Air Malta plc - founded in 1974
It has eight based Airbus A320-200s (four A320ceos and four A320neos)
- A320: (9H-) AEN, AEP, AEQ, AHS.
- A20N: (9H-) NEO, NEB, NEC, NED.
Malta MedAir - founded in 2018
It has one based Airbus A320-200ceo
- A320: (9H-) AEO.
Malta Air - founded in 2019
It has seven based Boeing B737-800s (out of the 120 9H-registered aircraft)
Latest 'additions to'/'cancellations from' Malta's Civil Aircraft Register
IDc/nTYPStatus(OPR) / Remarks
9H-AGS19000071E190new(NAC Aviation, Ireland) ex HB-JVV
9H-AME2234A321new(Avion Express Malta) ex LY-VEA
9H-JEH9726GLEXcanxrrg N165QS
9H-JBCBB-194BE20new(Hyperion Aviation) ex HB-GIL
9H-SLC4461A321new(SmartLynx Airlines Malta) ex LY-LCY
9H-VIA70041GL7Tcanxrrg VP-CSY
9H-ACX544A343new(Airbus Financial Services, Ireland) ex ZS-SXA
9H-ACY582A343new(Airbus Financial Services, Ireland) ex ZS-SXB
9H-ACZ590A343new(Airbus Financial Services, Ireland) ex ZS-SXC
9H-ACQ28535/480B738new(UMB Bank National (Trustee), USA) ex TC-TJN
9H-AHC28752/2874B734new(UMB Bank National (Trustee), USA) ex SP-LLF
9H-AHQ1754A333new(Athena4 Aviation Leasing, Ireland) ex ZS-SXJ
9H-AHX599A321new(AS Air Lease II (Ireland), Ireland) ex I-BIXS
9H-AIL37704/748B77Wnew(DS-Rendite-Fonds, Germany) ex A6-ECL
9H-AMD1421A321new(Avion Express Malta) ex LY-NVU
9H-BFS472A332new(Maleth Aero AOC) ex EI-GEW
9H-CAP1153P180new(JMC Flight Investments, Denmark) ex F-HGOD
9H-FFC431A346new(Air X Charter) ex EC-INO
9H-GIB14501209E35Lnew(Air X Charter) ex N866MS
9H-GOA60-398LJ60new(Hyperion Aviation) ex N787LD
9H-IHH2502A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-IHH
9H-IHL3105A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-IHL
9H-LAJ2288A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOJ
9H-LAX3272A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOX
9H-LFC440A346new(Air X Charter) ex EC-IOB
9H-LMC3063A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LMC
9H-LOA3147A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOA
9H-LOB2928A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOB
9H-LOM2984A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOM
9H-LOO3027A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOO
9H-LOQ3131A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOQ
9H-LOS3153A320new(Lauda Europe) ex OE-LOS
9H-NFC245A343new(Air X Charter) ex F-GLZN
9H-SZF6189A320new(Oriental Leasing, Ireland) ex ZS-SZF
9H-SZH6306A320new(Oriental Leasing, Ireland) ex ZS-SZH
9H-YAA9430GL5Tnew(LuxAviation Malta) ex 9H-MMM
9H-SLA973A320canxrrg 2-ACSN
9H-RDG1045P180canxrrg N5854R
9H-MMM9430GL5Tcanxrrg 9H-YAA
9H-HFD1477A333canxrrg M-SKAL
9H-LXR60-362LJ60new(Hyperion Aviation) ex T7-LXR
9H-EAD933A346new(?) ex EC-NFP
9H-EAC768A346new(?) ex 2-EALK
TM-DCA: Part-145 Maintenance Organistions
MT.145.01Air Malta plc
MT.145.02Mediterranean Aviation Co. Ltd.
MT.145.03Aeromarittime Mediterranean Ltd.
MT.145.05Maintenance Centre Malta Ltd.
MT.145.07TEAM Europe Ltd.
MT.145.08Gulf Med Aviation Services Ltd.
MT.145.09Bravo Aircraft Technical Services Ltd.
MT.145.10Malta Wings Co Ltd. dba General Aviation Malta Ltd.
MT.145.12Touristic Aviation Services Ltd. dba Corendon Aviation
MT.145.13Aerospace Inspection Training Malta Ltd.
MT.145.14AirX Jet Support (Malta) Ltd.
MT.145.15VistaJet Aircraft Maintenance Ltd.
MT.145.17Aviet Technic Ltd.
TM-DCA: Part-M Subpart F Maintenance Organistions
MT.MT.01Falcon Aviation Engineering Ltd.
TM-DCA: Part-147 Maintenance Training and Examination Organisations
MT.147.01Aeromarittime Mediterranean Ltd.
MT.147.02MCAST Aviation Maintenance Training Centre
MT.147.03Aeronautical Professionals Malta Ltd.
MT.147.04Academy 147 Ltd.
MT.147.06Brok-Air Training (Malta) Ltd.
MT.147.08AVIET Ltd.
MT.147.093Plex Aero dba Aviation Maintenance Academy
MT.147.10ASG Aerospace Service Group Ltd.
TM-DCA: Approved Training Organisations
MLT.ATO.02European Pilot Academy Co. Ltd.
MLT.ATO.04Malta School of Flying
MLT.ATO.05VistaJet Ltd.
MLT.ATO.06Freebird Airlines Europe Ltd.
MLT.ATO.08Air Horizont Ltd.
MLT.ATO.H.01MH Helicopters Ltd.
TM-DCA: Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) holders
MT-01AMCAir Malta plc
MT-02MDOMediterranean Aviation Operations Co. Ltd.
MT-08MLMComlux Malta Ltd.
MT-11ALEAlliance Executive Jets Ltd.
MT-13MWSMalta Wings Co. Ltd.
MT-14MLTMaleth-Aero AOC Ltd.
MT-15LWGLuxwing Ltd.
MT-16HYPHyperion Aviation Ltd.
MT-17VJTVistaJet Ltd.
MT-18KFESkyfirst Ltd.
MT-20VCJAvcon Jet Malta Ltd.
MT-22JMKJetMagic Ltd
MT-23AXYAir X Charter Ltd.
MT-24HFMHi Fly Ltd.
MT-27ULCAlbinati Aviation Ltd.
MT-28EAUElit'Avia Malta Ltd.
MT-29BSGBlue Square Aviation Group Malta Ltd.
MT-30EMMEmperor Aviation Ltd.
MT-31PTAPontair Ltd.
MT-32HATAir Horizont Ltd.
MT-33TEUTAG Aviation (Malta) Ltd.
MT-38HMJHarmony Jets
MT-39RJRAir CM Global Ltd.
MT-41GMDGulf Med Aviation Services Ltd.
MT-46LYXSmartLynx Airlines Malta Ltd.
MT-48CXITouristic Aviation Services Ltd. dba Corendon Airlines Europe
MT-49JMLJet Aviation Flight Services (Malta) Ltd.
MT-50FHMFreebird Airlines Europe Ltd.
MT-51HSMHelicopter Services Malta Ltd.
MT-52DCWDC Aviation Ltd.
MT-55MMOMalta Air Travel dba Malta MedAir
MT-56MLHAvion Express Malta Ltd.
MT-57MAYMalta Air Ltd.
MT-59GTRGalistair Trading Ltd.
MT-60GJMAirHub Airlines Ltd.
MT-62LDALauda Europe Ltd.
MT-63SCOAir Charter Scotland (Europe) Ltd.
c/nconstruction number
dbadoing business as
IDaircraft identification number (registration)
LMMLMalta International Airport
TM-DCATransport Malta - Directorate of Civil Aviation
Last updated: February 26, 2021